Verissimo diving into hidden rooms

Contemporary art lovers, and more specifically those who follow Lu Verissimo’s work progress, have their minds dwell on an intriguing matter: where does the uniqueness of her thought and creative processes stem from? The closest explanation to what the truth might be is that the artist has well found those secret doors leading to evenContinue reading “Verissimo diving into hidden rooms”

Akkson’s made-in-Brazil Neo-pop

In the late 1940s, Henri Matisse enchants the Parisian scene with his decoupage (cut-outs). His tour de force was to prove that the aesthetic complexity of art can be expressed through a minimalist and charming simplicity. The delicate, the simple, the ordinary is beautiful, elevated and requires a hard-trained sensitivity. In the current scene ofContinue reading “Akkson’s made-in-Brazil Neo-pop”